Hammond-Smith & Associates in association with W.S Badenhorst Attorneys strive to improve company revenue by minimising outstanding payments owed by debtors whereby simultaneously not increasing the liabilities of the company by collecting our fee's from the debtor whom caused our appointment.

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Creative and effective debt management solutions

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Professional Debt recovery solutions

Hammond-Smith & Associates in association with W.S Badenhorst attorneys makes use of a diverse team of registered professional debt collectors and professional attorneys to endeavour in collecting what is owed to you

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in order to assist our clients we offer various services

These include but are not limited to Trace reports, Credit bureau searches, Various Credit Bureau listings, Constant reminders suited to the debtors profile, strategic debt recovery solutions tailored to the debtor. We believe that not all debtors are the same and our professional recovery team individualises each debtor in order to make the recovery process as quick as possible