At Hammond-Smith & Associates we have access to a very dynamic team of professional registered debt collectors and professional Attorneys as we are in association with W.S Badenhorst Attorneys a law firm with over 15 years experience in the legal field of collections. By choosing us we provide you with a double edged sword whereby we embark on pre-litigation collections while simultaneously preparing your case and setting a strong foundation to embark on legal proceedings should it be necessary. However, we do not stop at the pre-litigation phase. By being associated with W.S Badenhorst Attorneys we provide legal access to our clients at the most competitive rates and by making use of our services we will offer our clients up to 10% discount on legal fee's in the unlikely event that litigation will be necessary.

Our costs

What costs? At the Pre-Litigation phase of collections we do not charge our clients for our services. At Hammond-Smith & Associates we only ask our clients for an opportunity to put our clients money back where it belongs in their wallets. We recover our costs from the debtor whom caused us to be appointed. This is because we firmly believe in putting money back in our clients pockets and not emptying it. Terms & Conditions apply


Hammond-Smith & Associates have developed various strategies to deal with different debtors. All debtors will go through a screening process to evaluate the financial position and outlook of the debtor prior to engaging collection proceedings against them to ensure the most effective method of collection is embarked upon.


By appointing us to deal with your debt recovery we will act as an intermediary between our client and the debtor. We will enter into negotiations on our clients behalf on instruction whereby our highly skilled team will negotiate a settlement for our client to ensure payment is made one way or another.

Pre-Litigation collection success rate
Client Satisfaction
Necessary litigation procedures