Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Whether you are owed a small or large amount, whether it’s low or high volume, whether it’s B2C or B2B, the team here at Hammond Smith and Associates have a debt collection solution for you.

We make contact with your overdue customers to maximise debt recoveries.

Unpaid invoices hurt your cash flow, limiting your ability to invest and grow your business. Our team is highly skilled in managing debts across all industry sectors including banking and finance, telco, retail, and medical. Using analytically driven collection strategies from high volume debt recovery campaigns to small case management, we work with you to design the best path to resolution. Our services cover the entire debt life cycle, with a focus on early stage and pre-legal collections.

We are a company responsible for replenishing the bank accounts of individuals and companies who are out of pocket due to business dealings with unscrupulous individuals or businesses.

  • We implement a multitude of collection techniques to ensure prompt payment to our clients;
  • We apply historically proven processes once we have your debtor’s details, ensuring that you are credited once off with the full amount owed to you;
  • We pride ourselves in persuasiveness, persistence, perseverance and professionalism resulting in payment;
  • We provide a very important and powerful third party impact;
  • We can facilitate a loan for your debtor which once they have signed an acknowledgement of debt, you are paid and the debt is sold.

Debt collection is time consuming and has become a specialized field. Our success is in the continuous follow up procedure that causes immense pressure and responsibility upon the debtor to acknowledge liability and ultimately to settle the debt. Here persistence is our trademark.

There are two basic collection phases used namely our standard collections and legal collections. All accounts follow the standard collections phase and should get paid by the completion of this phase. However, should the debt still be unpaid the debt will follow into the legal collections phase.

Call our team and Hammond Smith and Associates for debt collection services free of charge. Your clients pay for our services.